Grenades thrown at Saudi Consulate in Karachi


The Foreign Security Cell of Karachi police has beefed up vigilance of consulates in the city after a hand-grenade attack on the Saudi Consulate in Khayaban-e-Hafiz, Defence on Wednesday. No loss of life or property has so far been reported in the low intensity explosions inside and outside the consulate. Police said two pillion riders wearing helmets had appeared at Gate 2 of the Saudi Consulate and hurled two hand-grenades inside the building, one of which failed to clear the boundary wall and exploded outside.
The second landed inside and did not explode, and was later defused by the bomb disposal squad. South Zone Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Iqbal Mehmood told Pakistan Today that four FSC men were suspended for negligence at the Saudi Consulate. Saudi Arabia said in a statement that it “has full confidence in the ability of… the Pakistani government to get hold of the assailants, to bring them to justice and to provide the needed protection to the (Saudi) mission in Pakistan.”