Smuggling is known as illegal movement of goods across the geographical borders of one country to another. The smuggling is also known as trafficking. It increased rapidly after the Second World War.

Smuggling causes many adverse effects on the society. For example, the financial problems it causes include illegal emigration, tax evasion etc. The other factors of smuggling are non-financial such as bringing banned items past a security or the removal of classified document from a government or corporate office.

The other kind of smuggling is human trafficking. It is an important area of concern because every year thousands of people are moved illegally from one country to another. This phenomenon has been growing rapidly in recent years because the people of low income countries move to another country in search of good jobs.

The smugglers are very dangerous for any country because smuggling causes a great loss to national resources, national wealth and national economy. The harms of smuggling are countless.

There are many reasons for smuggling the most important is the desire of become rich overnight. To stop smuggling, strict laws should be implemented. The customs staff and the rangers should be strengthened to check this trend.