Social stratification


It is a system whereby people rank and evaluate each other as superior and on the basis of evaluation reward with one another with wealth, authority, power and prestige. It is broadly organised into three parts; upper class, middle class and lower class on the basis of power and wealth which has resulted in the creation of number of levels within society.

Social stratification has been shown to cause social disparity and many social problems as it’s an unjust system with monopoly of power and wealth; it affects life chances, lifestyles and prestige.

It creates emotional depression for the people belonging to lower status as they have unequal access to wealth, power and prestige.

It creates huge variations between the people in terms of their incomes and a range of measures associated with social position, education, health, psychological well-being and so on. These are the basic blocks and hindrances in the way to the progress and development of country.

I want to appeal to the nation to minimise this system at the earliest in order to give an access to progress in country, maintain stability and better relation among people, as stratification is a form of division.





  1. I fully agree and support Aafia's point of view , and further comment that it arrests people's thinking ability which ultimately affects the whole society in a negative way

    Khalid Mehmood
    [email protected].

  2. Social stratification is the main cause of disturbance in our society. I also agree with Afifa it should be controled by Government and equal rights to all should be given.
    Shakeel Ahmad
    Student of M.A Sociology
    BZU, Multan

  3. Social Stratification is important to run the sociaty. if there would be equality among educated and uneducated people, they get equal jobs. it would be injustice for educated personalities. they have made a lot of hard work if even after hard work they get equal job to the uneducated persons it would not be appropriat for the stability of sociaty. it would spresd depression among educated persons.

    • Agree with ur point..but here i mainly foucesd on a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people so called *social discrimination*…where the only person (poor one) is being victimized by unjust treatment. Proceeding towards good jobs is something different..because it comes with great hardship and efforts..we mostly disapprove a poorest one..we should offer them with the same oportunity as every one(in higher society)gets it..Poor's son cant be admitted in good educational sector because of his father's low income(poverty) that cant be matched with high demanding fees so ultimately he has to either move toward other schools/college/universities or has to step out his plan of who is in benefit? A rich person can be saved by giving bribe while a poor person has to b prisoned..rules should b equally followed for every individual person..

  4. Social Stratification is really important to run the systems, if do not devide the society into classes then there'd be disturbance of running the system as MARX defined that the Working class, if there's no working class in the society, who's gonna work ?? everyone is gonna behave like the upper. so it is necessory to keep the difference between he classes.. i hope my point of view has been delivered

    Mazhar Ali
    Business Student at Institute of Business & Technology (Biztek) EDC Campus, Karachi.

  5. social stratification mean the society divide into different permanents groups …… stratification is the division of society into different layers ,also the division of society into lower and uper clases…………….

  6. in this we study about diferent rank of peoples by their jobs,their rank,………in this we study about superior and suboridant ………… example of our university we have a teacher and chairman so chairman is superior and teacher is the suboridant of chairman by rank…………….in every field there is have different factors ……..power,religion,education,income ,etc.

  7. what i mainly focused in my article is that every person has right to be treated well and to be rewarded with the same opportunity as designed for other people in upper crust..!!
    having good job and high education is something about hardship and struggle that every person cant do..
    but every person deserve the right of having an opportunity to get it education and other human rights

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