Workers’ Party mocks military’s claims of guarding sovereignty


The Workers Party Pakistan (WPP) office-bearers on Sunday said that the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden proves hollow the military’s claims of being the guardian of Pakistan’s sovereignty. The central leadership of the WPP held a public meeting at the Lahore Press Club following conclusion of a three-day central committee meeting.
Party workers warned Pakistan‘s ruling class and the military establishment that its six decades old policy of using Pakistan‘s strategic location as a garrison state to advanced interests of US imperialism are obsessed with its so-called national security. WWP President Abid Hassan Minto said that the military establishment continues to serve imperialist patrons. The national security ideology has failed miserably to protect independence and sovereignty of the state, Minto said.
He said that people of Pakistan face a serious and deep economic crisis today and the ever-increasing spending on defence and other non-productive ventures and total dependence on foreign loans are responsible for the crisis. WPP Vice-President Yousaf Masti Khan said that mainstream parties also share a great deal of the blame for the dire situation confronting Pakistan today. WPP leaders said that there has to be a shift in security paradigm in Pakistan’s foreign policy and the army must submit to the sovereignty of parliament.
If the military establishment and ruling classes want Pakistan’s existence, as an independent sovereign nation, they must abandon the policy of strategic depth and allow promoting regional cooperation for economic development.