Indian journalist uses Twitter to get Pakistani visa


Renowned Indian TV anchor and Group Editor of English News at NDTV, Barkha Dutt used a unique strategy on social networking site Twitter to get a Pakistani visa to cover the crucial happenings in Pakistan after the Abbottabad operation in which al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed. She constantly tweeted and requested Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik to get her the visa.
Malik’s quick response resulted in a great triumph for the Indian journalist, as now she has started broadcasting a live programme from Islamabad. It all started on May 3, when she criticised Pakistan’s visa policy by tweeting, “Sadly no visas for Indian journalists looking to report this story from on the ground 🙁 goodnight all”. On the same day, Barkha approached Malik on Twitter by saying “@SenRehmanMalik sir, how about allowing us visas to report the happenings in Pakistan. Only Indian journalists not permitted sadly.”
The interior minister, who has more than 11,000 followers, most of them Pakistanis, who tweet to him daily but seldom get a reply, instantly responded to Barkha saying, “@BDUTT Madam Barkha Dutt, pl inform me who has rejected your visa. There r no such visa restrictions imposed by the government.” After an exchange of tweets from both sides, finally the efforts of Barkha were successful and she got the visa.
On May 6, the Indian journalist announced that a Pakistani visa has been given to her and tweeted, “Taking off for Pakistan! Thank you @SenRehmanMalik. Free flow of information between our countries can only help. Will try tweet often:).” Barkha also conducted a programme after reaching Pakistan on May 7 on the topic, “Will Pakistan be forever changed by the Osama Factor or will this too be absorbed by complex internal dynamics” during which Pakistani journalists Muhammad Hanif, Jugnu Mohsin and others joined her.


  1. Nice gesture from Malik Sb, wish it was extended to other journos like Nidhi as well.

  2. Barkha was indeed made a very good impact with her work & It was very Nice of Mr R Mail to ackdg her need & it shows how people to people are so kind & good in Pakistan & India

  3. Dear,Barkha,You should Support Nice gesture from Malik Sb and write to indian Government to adpot open arms visas Policey for pakistani journalist too.

    • ..yes that is how it should be..but Barkha Dutt is a high profile journalist and Pakistan govt. only gains media savy image by doing may not be so for lesser mortals..

  4. wht a shameful act…. hope ur passport gets lost and u stay there only… Amen…

  5. Apart from the point that this may or may not help the "friendly ties" between Pak-India, i believe that if Barkha Datt's visa was rejected in the first place, why did rehman malik allowed her visa? just because she tweeted her she got the visa, i guess even raymond davis must have commented on rehman malik's facebook page..

  6. Dear,Barkha,You should Support Nice gesture from Malik Sb and write to indian Government to adpot open arms visas Policey for pakistani journalist too, agreed with Yousaf Anjum

  7. It wasn't the tweet, the tweet was read by WhiteHouse and Malik received a call, on which he had no choice but to act. Otherwise, US would send another helicopter to stamp the visa for Barkha. After all, she is so loved by the US administration, as she reports in line with them 🙂

  8. Whoa! Using Twitter to get a Pakistani visa….innovative!
    I wonder what means did OBL opt for getting into Abbottabad?

  9. ms dutt…one among the few in india who reports honestly and without any sensationalism…great to have u in pakistan ….and looking forward to some great reporting including interviews with kayani and gilani.

  10. WOW…looks like Pakistan is more prejudice than US!!!

    Didn't the creation of the "First Islami Republic" make good on the promise of HAPPINESS? Ask the people of Iran (not the IMAMS) if they are happy…and Egyptians who rape people at whim, only to run to the mosques, totally tainited in sin and conceits about "What they did was right"…Are they happy WITH THEMSELVES?

    NO WONDER YOU LOOK TO RELIGIOUS LEADERS…PAKISTAN IS LOST IN GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION and TWISTED aspects of religious wisdom that supports a terrorist who kills his own religious people!


    THEN START ACTING LIKE YOU DESERVE IT!!! Don't be angry at the west, when your own government steals AID MONEY through corruptive means, and uses it to hide and abet international terrorists.

    OSAMA was Dajjal!

  11. She is a bloody hypocrite journalist. She will again talk against Pakistan. She always talks against Pakistan, She always talks against the Kashmir, against the Kashmiris.

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