I was made aware of the operation 15 minutes after it started: Malik


Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik told an Arab satellite TV on Monday he knew of the US raid which killed Osama bin Laden only 15 minutes after its launch but had no idea of the target.
“I was made aware of the operation 15 minutes after it started,” the minister told Al-Arabiya channel in an interview, but he was not aware of the target.
Helicopter-borne US commandos carried out a raid lasting less than 40 minutes, killed bin Laden and took his body from the one-million-dollar house near the Pakistan capital of Islamabad on May 2.


  1. Even if you had known it one year back you would had done nothing.You are only good for your role as President yes man to bring around the blackest blackmailers on earth to PPP fold to prlong PPP and MR Zardaris' kursi.What did you do to curb thoudsands killedc in target killing by PPP,ANP,MQM and trillion dollars bathakhori by MQM.nOTHING DESPITE zULFIKAR mIRZA GIVING PUBLIC PROOFS OF IT.you should resign from interior ministry and become special assistant to president.

  2. WOW, interior minister was made aware 15minutes after operation. If India attacked Pakistan, I hope Malik would be made aware sooner. Rehman malik is always made aware of things 15 min after they happen on the other hand media breaks that news few seconds after it happens. I guess rehman malik's info is based on tv channels

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