PbBC warns of protests if truth about US operation not revealed


The Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) on Saturday warned the federal government to bring true facts of the US operation in Abbottabad before the public, otherwise the lawyers’ community will launch countrywide protests.
The PbBC also demanded setting up a judicial commission consisting of serving and retired judges of the Supreme Court (SC) to investigate the US operation and disclose names of the responsible people so that the nation could hold them accountable. Holding a press conference, PbBC Vice Chairman Lehrasib Khan Gondal said that the military and political leadership have failed to protect the country’s borders and put national security in jeopardy. “Everyone is in deep depression. Rulers should disclose what agreements they had made with America on national security, “he added.
He said that hundreds of innocent people were killed in drone attacks and people protested against it but the rulers are unmoved. PbBC Executive Committee Chairman Zafar Mughal said that lawyers strongly condemned the operation and violation of our borders. He urged the rulers to divulge the true facts and take the nation into confidence. Mughal demanded resignation of the political and military leadership for failing to guard the country’s borders. The PbBC executive committee chairman said that people responsible for the operation should be brought to justice, as the whole nation is in a state of shock. He said that if true facts were not made public in a few days, lawyers would come on streets. Responding to a question, Mughal said that it is not important that whether Osama Bin Laden was present in the house at the time of the attack, as America had staged a drama only to gauge the depth of sensitivity of Pakistanis. He said that now the US would again attack Pakistan on the pretext of Zawahiri’s presence.