Inquiry initiated against intelligence agents


After taking strict notice of the intelligence failure to unearth the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, said to be living there for years, authorities have initiated inquiry against intelligence officials and reshuffling officials in town, Pakistan Today has learnt. As the story unfolds and investigators are finding out from Osama’s detained family members that he was living at the mansion for the last five years, the intelligence top brass has been investigating the issue thoroughly to fix responsibility.
“A major reshuffling is taking place in intelligence circles and if confirmed that Osama had been living here for years, then strict action will be taken against all those who are responsible for spying activities,” a reliable source told Pakistan Today. According to another local security official, Afghan families in Pakistan had also been put under surveillance, as it was being suspected that they might be working for CIA.
“We are checking those who are regular visitors of Afghanistan,” he said. There are unconfirmed reports that security agencies had launched a search operation and arrested three more residents – a Yemeni and two Sudanese – however, some of the people detained earlier had been freed after interrogation.
The compound where Osama was said to have been living has become a tourist spot, with families visiting the place in numbers and a majority arguing that Osama bin Laden never lived there.
Zafar Ali, 65, a retired government servant, said, Americans had shown images and videos of Saddam and his sons for a week. “If they are right, why do they not show all the evidence about Osama?” An Afghan national, Hidayatullah, who lives close to Osama’s alleged hideout, said once his friend was on way to his house from Peshawar when he was stopped and properly quizzed by military personnel.