Mohsin won’t speak


Chief selector Mohsin Hassan Khan has agreed not to violate his contractual obligations and stick to his post after an agreement with the PCB chairman Ijaz Butt here on Thursday. Mohsin threatened to resign over selection follies, clearly showing regional divide over certain players, and even called a press conference but the PCB summoned him at the headquarters to sort out the issues. He cancelled the conference to the dismay of the waiting media at the Karachi Press Club.
However, on Thursday he and Ijaz Butt came before the media and announced an amicable solution was reached. Mohsin read out a written statement which said that everything was sorted out. It is believed that he has agreed not to disagree with the chairman’s dictates. “I am pleased to inform that there are currently no unresolved issues between PCB and Mohsin,” PCB chief said in a statement. The meeting, termed ‘fruitful’ by Butt, focused on the role and functioning of the selection committee.
“Mohsin and I had a fruitful meeting and we discussed a number of matters. We also discussed some of the issues that are appearing in the media for the last couple of days. Without going into the details, I am pleased to inform that the issues have been resolved.” He further said that there will be clarity in the function of the selection committee. “I have advised Mohsin that the Selection Committee has independence of taking selection decisions,” he added.