Could Bin Laden’s death help Fox’s pilot?


A covert elite U.S. team drops into foreign countries around the globe to carry out dangerous missions under the radar of local military? It’s not Seal Team Six. It’s Fox’s ‘Exit Strategy.’ The action-drama pilot starring Ethan Hawke has been heating up in recent weeks and suddenly seems topical given the recent U.S. mission to take out Osama bin Laden in Pakistan generating worldwide headlines. Unlike the dramatic events in Pakistan, however, ‘Exit’ focuses on rescue missions and cleaning up messy situations.
The pilot episode has the CIA team, led by Hawke’s character, flying to Shanghai for a covert operation to retrieve a satchel containing military secrets. As for whether recent headlines will help the show’s chances, it probably won’t impact them either way. The show has a strong odd of making it on the schedule, and like all TV projects has to stand on its own. Oddly enough, Fox is no stranger to having a new action series freakishly timed to worldwide news involving Osama bin Laden. Just a few weeks after 9/11, the network launched a certain groundbreaking anti-terrorist show called ‘24.’