The hunt is on for Osama bin Laden’s physician


Pakistani security forces have launched a hunt for a doctor, known as Major Dr Amir, about whom it is said that he used to visit Osama Bin Laden at his compound in Bilal Town, Abbotabad, for regular examination, say the sources in the security circles. According to the sources, it is only preliminary information and they are looking for any lead to the military doctor who provided medical treatment to him. “It is all we have and we nothing more on the issue,” an official source told on telephone from Abbotabad.
They said two persons who fired at the US choppers had also fled the scene before the Pakistani forces took control of the locality after the operation on late Sunday night. “It is unclear where they have fled but the residents are saying that two people were seen running from the compound after firing at the helicopters,” an official, while wishing not to be named, told Pakistan Today. Some residents were complaining that the security forces conducted a search operation in the nearby houses and took some people into custody, but the security officials said three persons were picked up from the scene for interrogations.
Gul Muhammad, a contractor who constructed the house in 2005, was also detained initially but freed after questioning. Shamraiz, 45, a farm labourer who supplied essential goods including food and mutton to the residents of the compound, is also among the detainees. “Shamraiz has talked to his family today (Wednesday) and said he is fine and kept in the military-controlled area of the town. He was hopeful to be freed in a day or two,” a resident of Bilal Town cited Shamraiz family as saying.
According to security officials, two out of the three dead bodies were of the two brothers who were owners of the house who were stated to be the guards of al Qaeda chief. They were the host and facilitators, and might be trained to provide security to Osama. However, the third body is said to be of either an Afghan or a tribesman, they added. Local sources in the Revenue Department have confirmed that the plot is registered in the name of Muhammad Arshad but it is still not clear from where he belonged to and what his background was.