Pakistan mulls repatriating Osama’s wife


Pakistan is considering repatriating Osama Bin Laden’s Yemeni wife Amal Ahmed Abdel Fatteh to her home country, but there remains confusion among the ruling circles over what to do with the former Al Qaeda chief’s eight children who are in the custody of Pakistani security agencies. Osama’ wife and his children have now been shifted to Rawalpindi from Abbottabad, where they have been treated for minor injuries.
One among the children, Osama’s daughter, who is 12-years old, told officials that she saw her father being killed by the raiding US soldiers. An official source told Pakistan Today that of Osama’s eight children in Pakistani custody, his two daughters and Yemeni wife had sustained injuries during the Abbottabad operation. “The Foreign office is contacting authorities in Yemen for the handing over of Osama’s wife, but there is confusion what to do with the children,” a source said on condition of anonymity.
“There are some problems even in the case of Osama’s wife, as the Yemeni embassy has no diplomatic mission in Pakistan,” he said, adding that Yemeni diplomats had recently resigned to express solidarity with popular uprising in their country. The source said Pakistan, in the absence of Yemeni diplomatic mission, was using other diplomatic channels to contact the government of Yemen in this regard.