Pakistan’s position on Bin Laden


Loopholes can be found in the story revealing the death of the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, but as far as Pakistan is concerned it is yet again at a crossroad, where we have to think what kind of a nation we wish to build for ourselves.

Bin Laden was caught on the soil of Pakistan, at an arm’s length from the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, living in a fully equipped mansion. All around the world the regimes and governments have issued statements and their response.

If Pakistan is a US ally on the mission to curb terrorism, and when the US is rejoicing, why the silence in Pakistan? If it is called as US aggression, it should be condemned. If it is not so, the responsible officials should provide the public with details.

Everyone wants to know the stance of Pakistan on terrorism now. There are two possible scenarios: firstly, where Pakistan’s security services knew and aided the capture of Bin Laden; secondly, this raid was conducted by the US alone. However, in both the cases, the Army has to come out clean and tell the people of Pakistan its side of the story. Since the birth of Pakistan, the public has been kept in the dark and blindly played with. Moreover, it must be analysed how the world’s most wanted man was living under the nose of Pakistan Army without their knowledge.

Is the survival of one man more valuable than that of all the people of Pakistan? All the drone attacks and the deaths of Pakistani people termed as collateral damage in the quest to find Bin Laden must be justified. Thousands of innocent Pakistanis have died as a result of terrorist acts.

I want to point out one major flaw in this whole media coverage. They lack the evidence. We only have Obama’s word. How far that is valid, I’m not sure. Not even a single shot or clip of his dead body has been shown.




  1. clearly Pakistan has been slipping slowly and dangerously into the thralls of darkness, the murder of Salman Taseer provides an empirical evidence and now with the Ben Laden issue I wholly believe Pakistan is making mockery of demcracy and of human dignity. Infact Pakistan has become so stuck in the mud of backward and barbaric states that it has simply become a failed state . And the venality of the politicians there does not seem to help the situation.

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