Shireen Pasha replies to student’s allegations


National College of Arts (NCA) Film and TV Department Head Shireen Pasha retaliated after one of her students Rana Usman Khan accused her of being biased and of failing him at two occasions during his first and second years. Speaking exclusively to Pakistan Today, Pasha said that she was disappointed with Khan’s attitude. She said that Khan could have been sorted out his difference if he had tried.
“I have always been there for my students. I have maintained that whosoever wants to talk to me can come and talk. I am ready to accept their points of view too. But the way this student went on about some issue that I am not even aware of, is wrong,” she said.
Pasha said she was disturbed about the language Khan had been using in connection with her over the internet, especially on Facebook. In one poster, Khan had described Pasha as, “illegally appointed, very ineligible, very incapable”, and had threatened to take legal action against her. In a Facebook note, he had referred to her as an “old lady” with “6 months of diploma in documentary film making” and “suffering from anxiety/depression/hysterical attacks”. He has also used abusive language against her online. It can be seen on the Facebook page that most students gave only a lukewarm response while several others told him that this was “no way to treat a teacher”.
Meanwhile, Pasha has given documented evidence that the Film and Television Department in NCA has won about 61 awards from 2005 to April 2011, while screenings of students’ films have taken place in New York, London, and Germany among other countries. Moreover, hostel boarders, through a signed appeal by 69 students, have complained to the principal against the misconduct and threats from Khan.
They said that Khan had been creating obstacles in the administration, moving furniture against the rules and refusing to share his room with another student (though the other student was officially allotted the space). The document says, “Another habit of this student is that he does voice recording in social gatherings without permission of people around, due to which the police took him.”


  1. The student is right about Shireen's health condition. She shall be in the advisory board of the department and not head of the department. However, she had the patience to deal with the NCA politics and problems. On the whole, the department has done well depite the inconsistency of the program and an inability to follow the curriculm aproved by the board of governors. The crediat goes to Sajida Haider Vandal for having the vision and courage to initiate new programs and gain founding and international faculty for them.

  2. Under no circumstances, a student should be punished in this manner. The student's records hint at several administrative problems at NCA's part. The college obviously needs sensible and just staff. The present faculty needs training attitude wise and education wise. Many faculty members use redundent methods of training being equipped with redundent education only.

  3. “Badnaam na hon ge to kya naam na hoga.”
    Shireen ki destruction to ub pura zamana dekhe ga na, the way she has spoiled my career and my whole life… Tragic…. : D

    • R.U. Khan, please stop spoiling your bright future, and make amends with the NCA Administration staff and I. All you need to do is apologize and I will send a request to the Principal to reinstate you back in college.

  4. Iss Burhiya per jab FIR ho gi na mere laptop ki tab ise hosh aye ga that a Teacher should never get personal with a student in the manner she has gone.
    Secondly she has made fool proof plans to drown the rest of the NCA Administration with her who are constantly supporting her ill decisions.

  5. I have interacted with Ms.Shiri Pasha quite a few times, she was humble, down to earth and when she interviewed me along with other nca staff it surely looked like she knew what she was doing there, she knew stuff about film-making..stuff that not a diploma holder can possibly know of.

    She’s there for the students, i wasn’t even her student when she was there for me, trying to pull me out of something i screwed..she tried her best to get me another interview call after i missed my first interview. So, whatever the personal differnces are, weather she’s depressed or has any medical issues. She knows her job and she’s doing it in the best way possible. So, cut the hate..APPRECIATE!

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