AG directs DDOs to correct employees’ data


Punjab Accountant General (AG) Muhammad Jamil Bhatti has directed Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of all provincial departments to correct the basic data of employees working under their administrative control and submit the same to the AG’s office and district accounts offices by May 12. The salary payments, in case of employees continuing in the system with incorrect data, will be stopped with effect from May 1 and cases of such employees will be sent to their respective administrative departments for disciplinary action against them, said the Punjab AG.
In a circular to the Punjab Finance Department, all district accounts offices and DDOs of all provincial departments, the AG mentioned that decision to correct the basic data of employees i.e. CNIC number, date of birth and the date of entry into government service, was made in a meeting of Punjab government’s Pension Administrative Task Force. The AG said that the AG’s office has been paying salaries to the government employees without any delay even in case of incorrect data.
He said that the department concerned, the AG office and the employees would face problems at the time of their retirement, pension payment, salary payment, service record compilation and GP Fund payment if the employees’ data remained incomplete or incorrect in the computerised system (PIFRA). The AG has directed the DDOs to collect pay slips of the active government employees from the AG’s office by May 5 and submit them after correction by May 12.