Christians should be included in Sindh cabinet: WCPF


World Christian Parliamentarians Forum (WCPF) General Secretary (GS) Simon Gerald appealed to the Pakistani government on Sunday to include a Christian in the Sindh cabinet and solve the socio-economic and political problems of the Christian community of the province.
Talking to the various delegations of the Christian community and representatives of NGOs during his three-day unofficial visit to Karachi, Gerald expressed disappointment that not a single representative of the Christian community had been made a Sindh minister yet.
Gerald visited various churches and other religious establishments in the city and delivered lectures. Gerald also expressed concern over the Gujranwala incident and said that no Christian can consider desecrating the Holy Quran. He said that he was scheduled to visit Gujranwala. He demanded that the government should provide protection to the Christians of Gujranwala.