British PM says bin Laden’s death a ‘great relief’


British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday hailed news of Osama bin Laden’s death, saying it would “bring great relief to people across the world”.
The Al-Qaeda mastermind was killed Sunday in a firefight with covert US forces in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, northeast of the capital Islamabad.
His death marks the biggest triumph yet in the 10-year US war against terrorism launched after the September 11 attacks.


  1. The website of the Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia denied that bin Laden was in Pakistan and the claim was …….."propaganda of insular minds"

    Killed 50fm from your capitol in a huge mansion in a congested urban area. There is a large Pakistan military presence in the area. Also, you nations military academy is only a few km from the killing where most key ISI come from.

    Your government and certainly your miliary/ISI were kept out of the loop. Too say it flat out can not be trusted.

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