Altaf avoids Rehman


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain avoided Interior Minister Rehman Malik when he telephoned him to offer his condolence over the murder of Liaquat Qureshi, a former MPA of MQM. Rehman contacted MQM’s International Secretariat in London in a bid to talk with Altaf but he did not attend the call.
Later, Rehman left a message for Altaf while assuring that the terrorists involved in the latest assassination would be captured. The MQM issued a press release from London, stating, “Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik also telephoned MQM International Secretariat and offered his heartfelt condolences.”
The minister said the killers involved in the murder of Liaquat Qureshi will not be able to flee the grip of the law and they will soon meet their end. He asked the members of the Coordination Committee to convey his condolences to Altaf Hussain.