Unequal distribution of bardana at procurement centres


There is no discipline at wheat procurement centres in Wazirabad and wheat bags are not given to the farmers of this area. The farmers have to face great difficulties in getting wheat bags at the Ahmad Nagar Chattah Centre, Verpal Chattah Centre, Jamkey Chattah centre, Kheway Wali Centre and Khasra Centre as the wheat bags are provided to the farmers who are favorites of patwaris of the area. The farmers remain unable to get sufficient number of wheat bags.
At the Ali Pur Chattah Centre, the farmers protested strongly against the unjust distribution of these wheat bags, stopped the Pakistan Express and sat on the railway track to register their protest against the Food Department of the area. They demanded the Punjab chief minister and Gujranwala Commissioner Saeed Wahla check the wheat purchase centres and penalise the culprits so that the target of wheat purchase might be met in Punjab.