KESC and ten women to hunt power thieves together


A local NGO, Women Empowerment Community Group, and the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) have come together in an effort to curb illegal power connections in Korangi Sector 10 – a new residential scheme, currently under developmental stages. The new sector in Korangi, with around fifty percent of the area still under construction, has nearly 2,200 houses and a population of around 12,000 people.
In order to prevent this area from being infested by clandestine connections, the KESC aims to create a theft-free community with the help of these ten females. These female volunteers have been selected and trained after a vigorous screening process. Only those women who harboured unique skills such as sewing, knitting, hairdressing, or computer skills along with above Matriculation education had met the cut-off criteria. The strict screening process was to select women who, upon brilliant performance, may be eligible to take forward the task of empowering women of the community through projects like vocational training centres.
The two-pronged strategy behind the unison is firstly that women are usually at the forefront of electricity-related problems and monthly bills are part of the household budget and secondly that if the women are empowered through a monthly stipend, part time-employment opportunities will be created. The result is a win-win situation for the KESC and the community, as these women have a greater understanding of their own people and will demonstrate a more holistic approach while dealing with them about negative consequences of illegal power connections.
Expressing his views about the KESC’s initiative, MNA Asif Husnain said the role of women in a specific community – like the one in Korangi – cannot be overemphasised. “This initiative will help improve the economic condition of these women. They may play a positive role in eradicating power theft from their community while also contributing towards timely bill payment,” he added. This initiative will not only prove to be beneficial for the KESC for creating a theft-free community but also will work towards the growth and development of the society on the whole.
The KESC aims to replicate this project in similar communities and create empowerment opportunities for the women of Karachi.