PNCA to celebrate International Dance Day


Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) has decided to celebrate the International Dance Day on April 29 by putting up a dance show at the Avari Hotel.
PNCA has a national performing arts group, which has been working under the directions of Roshan Ara Bokhari and has performed in Lahore on a number of occasions. Bokhari said that the group had a wide repertoire of classical, folk, sufi and ballet dances. On the International Dance Day, they plan to show some samples of their work.
April 29 has been declared International Dance Day giving importance to Dance and the role it plays in our lives. Dance is a spontaneous reaction to the joy one feels on any happy occasion. A myriad of other emotions can also be expressed through dance, be it sorrow, fear, anger, horror or revulsion.
Folk dances all over the world vary from region to region depicting their own particular style. The sub-continent is no different, quite apart from the large variety of folk dances, the classical dances are rich in form and execution as well.