Govt in the loop on all ISI operations: PM


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday came out in the open to back the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), saying the top intelligence agency’s actions had the government’s complete support and all state institutions, including the ISI, were operating constitutionally and legally. Addressing a public gathering after inaugurating an Integrated Health Centre at Bhara Kahu, Gilani said there would be no compromise on the country’s security and sovereignty, adding that Pakistan’s nuclear programme was secure. The prime minister’s comments came in the wake of the publishing of leaked official documents showing that the US administration had placed the ISI on a list of terrorist outfits and the continued arguments raised by the PML-N leaders about behind-the-scenes support by the intelligence agency for a sit-in against drone attacks.
Gilani denied the impression that the ISI had ventured into any project without the government’s knowledge, APP reported. He said intelligence agencies were subservient to the government and were not involved in any act that was against the national interests. “If ISI has taken any step, it has been done with our backing,” he said and added that “we do not want anyone to weaken our state institutions”.
Gilani said the nation was united against terrorism and that those conspiring against democracy would have to “wait longer”.