‘Parks-for-weddings’ scam surfaces in PHA


A big scam has been unearthed in the Park and Horticulture Authority (PHA) with regard to allotment of parks for private functions, Pakistan Today learnt on Wednesday. Following reports of revenue loss to the PHA, the CM’s Secretariat has taken notice of the matter. Personal Staff Officer to Chief Minister Khawaja Imran Raza told Pakistan Today that the chief minister has sent a letter to the PHA and sought its reply. A senior PHA official, who asked not to be named, confirmed to Pakistan Today that the CM’s Secretariat has called for investigating the allegations against PHA Director Administration Riaz Ahmed Shad for conferring concessions to his blue-eyed ones to hold functions in PHA parks, overstepping his authority.
He said Shad, who had close association with PHA DG Abdul Jabbar Shaheen, was found involved in inflicting millions of rupees’ worth of losses on PHA by doling out whopping concessions in return for commission. He said PHA DG Shaheen knows about the financial irregularities but has turned a deaf ear despite a litany of complaints against Shad. “The matter has been hushed up by the PHA DG. Although he was required to submit his reply with three days, he hasn’t come up with one despite a lapse of 30 days,” the official said. The PHA has categorized parks as A, B, and C. Charges range between Rs 8,000 and Rs 15000 depending upon the locality. According to the data made available to Pakistan Today, The PHA owns 163 parks, out of which 119 are allowed for functions and 43 parks are banned for all kinds of events.
The parks are located in Shadman, Gulberg, Samnabad, Ichra, Rehman Pura, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Sabzazar, Islampura, National Town Sanda, Ravi Road, Shadbagh, Wasan Pura, China Scheme, Chuburji, New Muslim Town, Johar Town, Mustafa Town, Model Town, Allama Iqbal Town and Garden Town, In the Shadman area, functions are allowed at Nursery Ground, Masjid Bait-ul Maukaram Ground and Shah Jamal Ground. In the Gulberg area, functions are allowed at M-Block Ground, D-Ground, PIMS Ground, Nursery Ground, Ghalib Market Ground, T-Block Ground, A-III park, B-II park, J-Block Ground, B-III Ground and P-Block Ground. In Ichra, Rehman Pura and Samanabad, functions are allowed at Aksi-Jamil Ground, Masjid Khizra Ground, Telephone Exchange Ground, Jinnah Colony Ground, Qayum Park, N-block Ground, Rustam Park, Ghulam Nabi Colony Ground, Mahram Park, Jahngheer Park, New Mozang, Sharif Park and A Block Ground in Rehman Pura.
E-block Moon Market Ground, A-Block Ground, Madina Park, Zubair Park, H-Block ground, Masjid Ya-Rasool Allah Ground in Gulshan-e-Ravi area A Block ground, B-block ground, N-block ground, G-block ground, H-block ground, D-block ground, E-block ground in the Sabzazar area. Madina Masjid Park National Town, Dubai Masjid ground in Islam Pura and National Town Sanda areas. Mochi Gate Jalsa Gah ground, Akbari Gate ground, Delhi gate ground, Yaki Gate ground, Shiranwala ground, Masti ground, Kashmir ground, Moori Gate ground in walled city areas. WAPDA park in Ravi road area. Gol ground Shadbagh, Akram Park Shadbagh, Sofia Lady Park Wasan Pura, C-II ground China scheme, C-I ground china scheme, Habib Park China scheme in Shadbagh, Wasan Pura and China Scheme areas
Masjid-ul-Halal ground in Chuburji area. Ayubia Market ground, A-block Triangular park in New Muslim Town area.
Mian Plaza ground, E-I block, G-block ground, F-II block ground, B-block ground, P-block ground, M-block ground, J-III block ground and A-block ground in Johar Town area. Qayum block park, Ahmed Yar block in Mustafa Town. M-block ground Model Town Extension, N-block ground Model Town Ext, Q-block ground Model Town Ext, P-block ground Model Town Ext, Ittifaq Ground model Town Ext, L-block ground model Town Ext, D-block ground Faisal Town, A-block ground Faisal Town, B-block ground Faisal Town, C-block Faisal Town, Kokha Pind in Model Town and Faisal Town areas. At Ideal Park Township, A-II block ground, I-C-I block ground, Minihau-ul-Quran ground and B-I block ground in Town Ship area.
At Chanab block, Khabar block, Neelam block, Raza block, Umar block, Pak block, Nishtar block, Jahnzab block, Nazam block, Kashmir block, Karim block, Asif block, Huma block, Gulshan block, Rachian block, Hunza block in Allama Iqbal Town. At Abu-Bakar block, Ataturk block, Tipu block, Shar Shah block, Ahmad Block, Orangzab block, Garden block, Usman block, Babar block, Abich block in Garden Town. At Mian Mir cricket ground, Faisal Park Lal pul in Mughal Pur. However, function are not allowed at Khursheed park, Rehmania park and Tubwell park in Shadman area, at Aslam Hiyat Park, C-block ground and FCC park in Gulberg, at Ladies Park, Sports Complex ground, Ashaba-Sufa Park, Ari Nagar Punch road in Samnabad area, at football ground Gulshan-e-Ravi, Mando park, F-block Usman park and Kazafi park in Gulshan-e-Ravi area, at Children park, Peapal Park, Ahmed Din Park in Islampura, at Karim Park, Nawaz Sharif park, Qalah Lakshman Sing Park, Muqbra Jahngeer Park and Rehmat Floot Mills ground in Ravi Road, at Shahbaz Block ground, Abbas block ground and Hadiyat Ul Allah Park in Mustafa Town, at M-block cricket ground at Model Town area, at Nargis block, College block in Allama Iqbal Town area, at Rose garden ground in Garden Town at Babri Park, Sulman Park, Khan Park, Amina Park, Kibria Park, Madni Park at LBC area and at Jillani park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, National Bank Park, Minar-e-Pakistan Park and Kamran Bara Dari Park.