‘Gayle being ill-advised’


The West Indies Cricket Board has dismissed Chris Gayle’s claims that he was dropped without being told, insisting that it was the flamboyant batsman who opted out. WICB chief Ernest Hilaire said the Board did all it could to contact Gayle, who suffered an abdominal strain during the World Cup.
Gayle was not picked for the ongoing series against Pakistan and the batsman went on to state that his Board left him with no choice but to join IPL by not reaching out to him. But the WICB contradicted his claims. “We can dispel all that Chris (Gayle) said by releasing the letters and emails,” Hilaire told the ‘Line & Length Network’. “But we should not do that. You communicate with a player, you ask for his opinions, you ask for him to account on certain statements he made, you ask him what’s his position on certain things and you expect to be treated with a certain degree of confidence.