William and Kate


The ‘Lifetime’ movie, ‘William and Kate,’ is made for TV and there is no disguising this. As soon as it opens to the first scene it screams “low budget,” but it tells a story never the less. It is the love story of William and Kate from the first day they met and covers their life together until William is on one knee proposing to Kate.
Light hearted and generic at times, it tries it’s best to show what life has been like for Kate Middleton since meeting and falling in love with Prince William. Kate has paid a high price for the respect she is getting today in the media. If this movie is true to life, Kate Middleton has been devastated more than just a few times by what the press has written about the Princess to be in the past.
The characters of William and Kate were not spot on as far as looks, voice and mannerism, which made it hard to remember that it was a movie about William and Kate at times. Some of the scenes were just plain “cheesy” for lack of a better term. When the people across the pond see this U.S. version, hopefully they will find it comical and not get too angered over the way the two are portrayed.
Prince William serenading Kate at a Karaoke bar was just not something you could imagine William doing. Some of the lines that the character of William had were also a bit hard to swallow. Prince Charles was conveyed as charming in the movie. Once again it was hard to imagine that this was him in the movie from both the appearance and demeanor of the actor playing the elder Prince.
Prince Harry‘s character, who had very little air time in the movie, was the closest in looks to anyone of the Royal Family members depicted in this film. It still was a bit of a stretch, he was somewhat nerdy looking and acting. Prince William and Kate appeared silly at times, which was another behavior that threw the viewer off and made it hard to remember who it was the characters were portraying. Kate had more of the dominant part of the couple in this movie, which was not what many may imagine. At one point William came to see her as she was with her rowing team in the middle of a river. William started undressing to jump into the river to go to her, but instead Kate jumped in and swam to him. The viewer waited for William to at least jump in and meet her halfway, but he didn’t. He waited for her all nice and dry on a boat dock. Some how this was very disappointing, it knocked William’s manhood down a few notches, but it was only a movie. The fake sunset at the end, while William proposed to Kate, was just the quintessential ending to a really bad B movie that still managed to entertain a bit.