PPP not offering a package to PML-Q: Firdous


Federal Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had not doled out any formula and package to Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), rather negotiations were underway to strengthen ties between the PPP and PML-Q. She was talking to media after presenting a cheque of Rs 0.5 million to the widow of famous poet Habib Jalib at Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road on Sunday.
“We have not prepared nor presented any package to PML-Q,” she said, adding that both PPP and PML-Q had fine tuned their relations and were heading to get close to each other. She said if the constitution had any slot for deputy prime minister, PML-Q would have demanded it. She said neither constitution possessed such portfolio nor time was available to create it by amending the constitution.
She clarified that she and Faryal Talpur attended the Walima ceremony of Shujat Hussain’s son to express good wishes and did not talk
about politics.


  1. Unfortunately, Pakistan is going through a critical phase in all terms, where it confronts a number of challenges at national as well as international level. At national level, it is facing challenges in the arenas of terrorism, energy, economy, and so forth. At the international level, it needs to develop healthy relations with a number of countries like the US, India, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. The challenges at present and ahead are not the concerns of only one stakeholder. It is the need of the hour that all political parties must play a positive role in facing these challenges as one big force. These parties must unite on one platform and combine their strengths against all such challenges and problems. Only one political party is not responsible, all political parties that claim their democratic tradition are responsible for solving these problems. Anger, grudges and the blame game should be kept aside and new strategies must be devised for the betterment of the country. Prosperity and development come from integrity and solidarity rather than separation and division.

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