Log on to www.sindh.gov.pk… if you want to waste your time


If you seek current information regarding the Sindh government, browsing its website might not be a wise idea – unless, of course, you want to believe that Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza is still the provincial home minister.
Mirza’s case is just one of many others that lay bare the sluggish attitude of the people concerned because it might apparently be a long wait until they decide to update the rather outdated website of the provincial government.
The basic purpose of www.sindh.gov.pk is to provide up-to-date information to the people who seek it; however, the outdated website portrays a negative image of the Sindh government.
The Information Technology Department is responsible for designing, maintaining and regularly updating the website, but the salaries being paid to the webmasters seem to be going to waste since they are clearly not carrying out their responsibilities.
According to the Sindh government’s official website, the ruling Pakistan People’s Party’s Mirza is still the provincial home minister, whereas the portfolio has been handed over to Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.
The name of Karachi District Coordination Officer (DCO) Muhammad Hussain Syed is listed as the information technology secretary on the website; however, Syed was transferred and made the DCO on December 31.
The website also shows Abdul Ghani Jokhio as Mines and Minerals Department Secretary/Director General; however, Allah Ditto Shar has been the Secretary for over eight months now.
Although the list of secretaries displays Shar as the Secretary, the department’s section of the website shows Jokhio as the department’s head.
The website also shows Rafiq Ali Memon as the irrigation secretary; however, the present secretary is Aamir Khursheed.
Moreover, the section of the Planning and Development Department shows project details, monitoring reports and statistics from 2008-9.