Cheater, cheater…


It was shocking when a private news channel were showing that every student was busy in cheating in the examination room. They were violating examination rules. The worst part was that all the students held the government responsible for this.
This indicates hypocrisy in our society. These students are regarded the future of Pakistan. Those who are going to be the architect of the nation’s fate. To cheat is crime indeed but justifying it is bigger crime.
We lament the malaise of corruption inflicting our society but we can see where the students learn these things from. When they make light of honesty and integrity in their student lives, who and what is to stop them from doing the same once they join the practical sphere.
We need to inculcate a sense of right and wrong in our students by advocating a zero-tolerance policy against cheating so that these “get-marks-quick” schemes don’t lead to “get-rich-quick” schemes once these people join different organisations.