Exposing reality

It is certainly horrifying to know that the Indians have attained the carbon credits from the UN for the two hydropower projects of Nimoo and Bazgoo without the knowledge of the Pakistani side, despite it being a prerequisite, a fact that was brought to the notice of the media by an individual. It wouldn’t, however, come as a complete surprise if someone from the related ministries had struck an underhand deal without bringing the matter to the unwanted attention of the higher-ups that are apparently quite busy in enjoying the privileges more than the responsibility that is associated with their positions and appointments.
It has to be noted, however, that most issues of significance that had needed immediate redress have been brought to the public knowledge by the media, individuals and other organisations. The Reko Diq underhand deal eloquently exemplifies this quick and intelligent media response. Keeping in view the inability and inherently detached attitude of our civilian leadership, we have to rely on other sources and organisations for the exposition of reality.
Therefore, we need to be thankful to all those patriotic bodies that are operating for the interest of the nation instead of offering unabated criticism that breeds nothing but resentment in the public.