Budget outlay for 2011-12 projected at Rs 3.5 trillion


The government is all set to start preparing for the next fiscal year’s federal budget with the convening of the Priorities Committee meeting, chaired by Finance Secretary Waqar Masood Khan, to ascertain the demands of various ministries and departments today (Friday), an official source said. The government informed the ministries that the federal budget would be announced on May 28. There is an estimated increase of five percent in the next fiscal year’s budget estimate that would roughly be to the tune of Rs 3.5 trillion as compared to the current year’s outlay of Rs 2.9 trillion.
He said the main thrust would be on generating additional revenues but that would depend totally on providing uninterrupted energy supplies, adding that it would be a difficult task but the government could still manage it through better governance.  About this year’s GDP growth rate, he said it would be close to three percent but added that the final figure would be out after the meetings of the Federal Committee on Agriculture and the National Accounts Committee on April 28.
The meeting of the Priorities Committee would start finalising the next fiscal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) which could be close to Rs 300 billion. This year’s PSDP was slashed from Rs 280 billion to Rs 180 billion due to the floods and other security-related expenses. The Ministry of Finance has ascertained an increase of five percent in the current budget, non-development expenditures, of the federal ministries and divisions in the next fiscal year 2011-12.
The increase was made due to the inflationary pressures even though many of the ministries would be devolved during the current financial year, he added. On the infrastructure needs, he said the government was working on a setting up a development finance institution, Infrastructure Bank. Its setting up might be announced during the next fiscal year’s budget. He said currently there was no proposal under discussion on the increase in the salaries of government employees but added that it was up to the government to decide.


  1. i was demanded for increasing the pay of Government of Employees upto 100% for stopping of corruption being the low paid employees / no other source of income of government employees

  2. Government Employees should not expect any gesture of goodwell from the present government. They are all set to prolong their tenure by finding new partners and enjoy corruption.

    • think positively dear….
      u might remeber the govt has already increased the salaries of employees by 50% and still u r cursing the govt that they have done nothing…

  3. Government of Employees for low paid employee upto 60% and above upto 30% in think that

  4. There should be 100% increase in salaries of Government employees keeping in view inflation during preceding one year only. Increase does not matter for corrupt employees but it is life line for honest ones.

  5. Government Employees ko Jhandi karany k baad tamam MNAs MPAs Senetors and Minister apni pay or marayat 100% increase karwal lain ga dakh lana ap sab……..

    • oh shazi mere jaan aisay na kaho , shazi if u r a goovernment servant, lets us marry so we can share responsibilities in good way.

  6. ye shazi teri babay nai ha, aik pathan ka name ha…………
    kr ly shadi us se.

  7. It is very good suggestion to increase the salaries of Govt. employees.The thing which is very sad is that if the private sector employee are not part of pakistan.Every one thinks about the established people but no one cares about the people which are doing jobs in private sector,or which are still seeking jobs even after a good qualification. Govt. has ignored the majority.what kind of budgets they are preparing which only supports rich people.On international level budget are planned to support even animals, if we are lesser even animals. ashamed on govt.

  8. only the way to stop corruption is follow the Imam Khumani ( the ex president of Iran) who killed all corrupt politician, beurocrates, corrupt employees Pakistan needs only the such way……..

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