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Summaries seeking dismissals of oil and gas MDs sent to PM

ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Petroleum on Tuesday forwarded separate summaries seeking removal of incumbent head of all state owned oil and gas entities to the prime minister, an official source said. The summaries were sent to the PM, as he is the appointing authority. A separate summary for each MD was sent along with his details and criteria for the appointment to the post.
For the interim period, the ministry had recommended giving the acting charge to the second-in-command, the source said. The Ministry also issued a directive to immediately send back all the officers and other staff working on deputation in the ministry or its allied departments, he said adding that the number of such officials is estimated to be around 80 and they would be replaced by already available qualified manpower in these departments.
The newly appointed Advisor on Petroleum to PM Dr Asim Hussain had told a news conference on Monday that all the incumbent heads of state owned oil and gas entities would be removed from their posts within three days for their failure to deliver.
Removing MDs was a big decision as most of them were highly influential as they were managing highly profitable companies and it was very easy for them to oblige anyone. Breaking of their hold on the oil and gas sector would help resolve many of the chronic issues that were holding the sector hostage, the source said.
Explaining, he said that 35 blocks were ready for auction for the last many months but due to different issues their bidding was being delayed. The non-linking of 500 mmcfd of available gas reserves with the national transmission network was also seen as a gross misconduct of the previous high ups, he added.

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