Road required


The Gulshan Chowrangi is located on a very important road called Rashid Minhas Road. The said crossing is the centre point of Gulshan-e-Iqbal. There are big commercial centres, tuition centres, schools and hospitals in this area. The overhead bridge is only for the road going towards Bo al Hasan Ispahani Road. There is very little provision for other side of traffic. The traffic has to take a long diversion to take other routes. This problem has arisen because service road has been abolished and given the crossing at wrong places. One such crossing is between two mobile malls and a line of marriage halls. The traffic police and wardens are busy here all the time. I do not think anybody has consulted them before making this U-turn.

Due to this poor management, the two-way traffic on both the one-way roads looks strange, but it is normal in Karachi. This slow traffic is causing street crimes. I request the higher authorities to restore the service road and increase the policing in this area.