CDA yet to install 20 filtration plants


ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has still not acted on its plan to install 20 more drinking water filtration plants in various parts of the metropolis because of which people are facing problems.
The CDA’s water supply directorate had prepared the plan two years ago. Under the plan it was decided that the authority would install 20 filtration plants in the I, H, G and F serious of the capital in the third phase. So far, the CDA had installed 33 water filtration plants worth Rs 18 million in the first and second phase of installation, an official said.
He said out of the 33 filtration plants, 19 were installed in various parts of sector G including G-6/2,G-7/4,G8/1,G-9/2,G-9/3,G-11/2,G-10/3, G-6/1-2,G-6/1,G-7/3-1,G-7,G-8/2,G-11/3,G-10 and G-6. In sector H, the CDA had installed only one plant. Seven filtration plants were installed in various parts of series I including sectors I-8/3, I-10, I-10/4, I-9/1, I-10/2 and I-11/4 and three were installed in series F at sectors F-6/1, F-10/1 and F-5, said the official.
The official said the higher-ups of the authority had already told the relevant directorate to identify sites for installation of plants but practical steps had not been taken in this regard so far. Similarly the CDA’s water supply directorate had neither made arrangements for cleaning the water filtration plants already installed in the city nor had launched any awareness campaign, he said.
CDA Water Supply Wing Deputy Director General Sanullah Aman told Pkistan Today the CDA would install filtration plants in all the remaining areas after the first and second phase. Hence, in the third phase filtration plants would be installed in the F-7, F-6, E-11 and G-7 sectors, he added. Aman said the installation of 20 filtration plants cost around Rs 2 million and added that the main reason for delay in the implementation was CDA’s financial crises.