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Ahlesunnat-wa-Aljamaat speaks out for KSA

LAHORE – Ahlesunnat-wa-Aljamaat leaders said on Friday that the campaign against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) was an attempt to fan sectarian violence in the country and that they would not allow any country to use Pakistani soil to promote its agenda.
Addressing a rally outside the Press Club, Sheikh Muhammad Akmal, Maulana Hussain Ahmed and MA Usmani said the government’s silence over wall-chalking in Karachi against Saudia Arabia was deplorable. Akmal said that the forces behind this campaign intended to descend the country into chaos. The speakers warned of bloodshed if the campaign was not stopped.
The campaign against KSA is considered to be the after effect of the changes that have engulfed the whole of the Middle East,. Ahlesunnat-wa-Aljamaat is the second religious party after Markazi Jamiat Ahlehadith Pakistan to raise its voice in favor of KSA.

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