Plan afoot to revamp City’s transport system


LAHORE – Adviser to the Punjab chief minister (CM) and Lahore Transport Company (LTC) Chairman Khawaja Ahmed Hassan said that a comprehensive plan of action had been devised to execute the new transport system in the city. Presiding over a meeting at the CM’s Secretariat on Thursday, Khawaja said that state of the art infrastructure for transport would be provided under which bus terminals and depots were being set up in order to provide standardized and affordable transport facilities.
He said that the rapid transit system was also being implemented effectively in Lahore and added that around 100 new Transport Enforcement Inspectors had been recruited to maintain traffic discipline of the public transport in the city.
LTC Chairman announced Member Punjab Assembly (MPA) Mehr Ishtiaq as LTC Vice Chairman after the approval of the Board of Directors and directed the LTC officers to perform their duties in the field rather than sitting in the office. He said that all possible assistance would be provided to the private transport companies so that adequate transport facilities could be provided to the public.
He said that arrangements for the provision of efficient urban transport were being made and concrete measures were being taken to eliminate illegal transport service on various city routes. He also directed to ensure provision of urban buses on those routes where action against unlawful transport had been initiated. Khawaja further said that a scheme for the refurbishment of old buses was being implemented in Lahore and added that 250 old buses had been identified for refurbishment and requisite resources were being provided for these buses. He said that a third party evaluation had been conducted to ascertain the degree of maintenance of these buses under the refurbishment scheme.
Khawaja also said that Punjab CM had appreciated the free transport card scheme for the old and disabled citizens. He said that effective measures should be taken to execute the free transport card scheme in the city. He also directed to take action against illegal occupation of some advertising agencies at LTC’s bus terminals.
LTC GM Operations Asad Rehman Gillani said that some advertising companies had occupied LTC bus shelters unlawfully and LTC had launched a crackdown against them and added that these advertising companies were involved in propaganda against LTC officers.
He said that LTC’s actions were in line with the government’s directions.
LTC has been taking action against the encroachments and illegal occupation these days. Lahore District Coordination Officer (DCO) Ahad Cheema, Lahore Chief City Police Officer (CTO) Mubeen Ahmed, MPA Mehr Ishtiaq, JIKIM chief executive officer, Operations General Manager (GM) Asad Gillani, Finance GM Adnan Mudassar, Enforcement GM Kamran Khan and others were also present at the meeting.