Re-opening ZA Bhutto case will open a Pandora’s box: Munawar


LAHORE – Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the majority of those desiring reopening of the ZA Bhutto case had been with General Ziaul Haq and supported Bhutto’s hanging. Addressing a press conference at Mansoora, on Wednesday, he said that reopening of the Bhutto’s case would lead to the opening of many Pandora’s boxes including the break-up of Pakistan. He said the PPP government had not been able to track down Benazir Bhutto’s assassins and reopening of Bhutto’s case would only result in destabilizing the country.
He said President Zardari had said time and again that he knew about Benazir’s killers and now only the PPP could reveal this secret. Munawar said prominent people in the present PPP including Nisar Khurro and Babar Awan had been in favour of Bhutto’s hanging and they were overjoyed when Bhutto was sent to the gallows. He said, “Bhutto’s remarks about Yahya Bakhtiar were still fresh in the public’s mind.” Besides, he said, the nation had not forgotten the slogan of “Udher Tum and Idher Hamm”, and “Tangeyn Tore Deingey” (we will break their legs”.
Referring to the Pak-US ties, the JI chief said US friendship had proved very expensive to this country. Thousands of innocent citizens had been put to death. He said the US started the so called war on terror to contain China, to establish India’s supremacy in the region and to capture the vast resources in Central Asia. Pakistan had suffered heavily due to this war. Thousands of CIA agents were playing with Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity while Washington was blatantly saying that it would neither cut down the number of its operatives nor leave Pakistan.
He said the drone attacks could not be stopped unless the rulers and the generals announced pulling out of the US war. If the civil government and the armed forces take a bold decision against drone attacks, the tribal people would themselves shoot down the drones. The JI chief welcomed the Supreme Court’s order on the HEC as a breath of fresh air and expressed the hope that it would be implemented as well.
He said that the NRO could not be accepted in any manner, and pointed out the PPP’s counsel had himself divulged the truth that the government was not serious in this regard. Munawar said that peace could not return to Karachi without dropping the MQM from the ruling alliance. He said, the MQM from its inception, had gifted the Punjab and Balochistan nothing but dead bodies.
The national security agencies knew well that the MQM was doing politics of “Bori Bund dead bodies”, extortion and target killing. Blasting MQM’s claim that it will overcome load-shedding, he said, Karachi was the biggest victim of load0shedding and the MQM had not been able to overcome this problem, so how could it control this problem all over the country.