MQM marks presence in city


LAHORE – Lahore, which is always hungry for political activity, came alive on Sunday, as the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) staged a rally at the Football Stadium, which was felt throughout the city.
It seemed like election season as the MQM managed to create some commotion on streets of the capital of Punjab, as a large number of participants showed up at Football Stadium to show their support for MQM chief Altaf Hussain. The MQM pulled off the convention in a decent manner, as it was certainly the party’s biggest gathering in Punjab.
Ferozepur Road remained busy from Saturday night until Sunday dusk. Colouful flags, vehicular movement and welcoming tents installed by the MQM reflected election mood. As there was only one entrance and exit to the convention area, all sorts of vehicles were seen parked on main Ferozpur Road.
Success came at a heavy cost for MQM, as a lot of money was spent on flags, banners and mobilising the crowd. Most of the vehicles parked on Ferozpur Road belonged to outside Lahore. MQM had imported their working staff from Karachi to help in security and administrational matters.
Posters, banners and flags of MQM were put on all main roads of the city including Ferozepur Road, Mall Road, Gulberg Main Boulevard and Jail Road. It seemed that months of hard work of MQM members had paid off, as the convention got full live coverage from almost all media channels and agencies.
Buses, vans, trucks, coasters and cars had flags of MQM and pictures of Altaf Hussain and people were seen wearing caps and flags of MQM on their heads. The only access way given to the convention was from Ferozepur Road.
Caravans had started approaching the event venue from late Saturday night.