From grade-7 to grade-16 to fugitive – Edu Dept employee dodging investigation?


KARACHI – An investigation into the illegal transfer of a grade-7 employee to the Education Department and his promotion to grade-16 could not be initiated as the defendant has gone missing, sources have informed Pakistan Today.
Complying with the Sindh High Court’s orders, the Sindh Services General Administration and Coordination Department (SGA&CD) had directed the Sindh education and literacy secretary to probe into the matter of Syed Hasnain Abbas, who was transferred to the Education and Literacy Department on deputation and later promoted to grade-16 from grade-7. However, Abbas has gone missing after the investigation against him was ordered.
Abbas used to be a grade-7 secretary of the Mauripur union council in Keamari Town. He was transferred to the Education Department on deputation in 2009, and later promoted to grade-16 without fulfilling any legal requirements.
The SGA&CD has recommended conducting thorough investigation into the matter and taking disciplinary action under the relevant laws against Abbas. However, these measures are subject to approval of the competent authority.
On December 14 last year, the high court had cancelled his posting and ordered to repatriate him to his parent department, which is the Sindh Local Government Department.
However, he has not reported to his previous office and remains absent from his current office to date.
The authorities concerned had been seeking permission to suspend him and issue him a show-cause notice under the Removal from Service Ordinance-2000 for violating its rules.
On March 18, the authorities concerned informed the Local Government Secretary that his posting as Office Superintendent had been cancelled. They also expressed doubts over his grade and position.
Sources said that Abbas had managed to get posted at the Education Department on deputation and then he got appointed as the Assistant Accounts Officer (grade-16) at the Sindh Directorate of Registration and Inspection of Private Educational Institutions.
“The appointment by transfer of Abbas as the Assistant Accounts Officer by the Education Department violates the rules because an employee of the Sindh Local Council is not a civil servant and does not come under the purview of Section 2(b) of the Sindh Civil Servants Act-1973. The provision of Rule 9(1) of the Sindh Civil Servant (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules-1974 is applicable in the case,” they added.
They further said that the Local Government Department has also been asked about the status of the said employee in the set-up of the local council and the grade allowed to him, besides conducting disciplinary proceedings against him.