‘Sportsman spirit a must for a healthy society’


GUJRANWALA – Sportsman spirit can eradicate dejection in the society and create leadership qualities in the youth to lead a better practical life. Gujranwala Division Commissioner Saeed Iqbal Wahla said this while addressing the fourth sports gala of the University of Gujrat as chief guest.
Nawaz Sharif Medical College Principal Dr Nasir Aziz, Registrar Muhammad Akram Bhatti, Examination Controller Professor Maqsood Ahmad, Sports Committee Chairman Dr Abdul Majeed, University Syndicate Member Qamar Zamman Gull, Vice Chancellor Consultant Javed Sajjad Ahmad, Dr Muhammad Zafaryab, Gujrat District Coordinnation Officer (DCO) Muhammad Ilyas Gull and others participated in the gala.
The commissioner said the games play vital role in improving physical fitness besides strengthening mental attitude of the students. He said, “Education, skills and continuous struggle are keys to a successful life and students should adopt them to improve their personality and prepare themselves to cope with the challenges of new era.”
GUJRANWALA DHQ LACKS X-RAY FILMS: The Gujranwala District Headquarters Hospital has been running without X-Ray films for last 20 days and patients are forced to get their X-Rays from private labs outside the hospital. Poor patients remain in miserable condition at the DHQ hospital but neither the hospital administration nor the Health Department bothers to equip the hospital with the X-Ray films as well as life saving emergency drugs.
The Trauma Centre in the DHQ hospital also lacks pain killer injections, syringes, stitching apparatus and even gloves used for the minor operations. The relatives of the injured people are told to buy these things from medical stores to get their loved ones operated. The masses demanded the Health Department take serious notice of this criminal negligence and solve the issue on permanent basis.
COUPLE SERIOUSLY BURNT: A couple was burnt seriously after kerosene stove burst at Alam Chowk locality. Reportedly, 30-year-old Farida Ijaz was cooking food when the stove burst and the whole kitchen was surrounded by flames. Her husband Ijaz tried to rescue her but was also burnt during the process. Both were brought to the DHQ hospital where there was no burn ward.
After first aid, the couple was sent to Lahore for further treatment.
DR MASOOD BECOMES EDO: Dr Masood Akhter has assumed the charge of Gujranwala Literacy Executive District Officer (EDO). He has just completed his doctorate in education and had also served as Gujranwala Deputy District Education Officer earlier.