BoI presses for inclusion in Japan relocation plan


ISLAMABAD – The Board of Investment (BoI) Chairman Saleem H Mandviwalla urged the Government of Japan to place Pakistan in the relocation plan for the Japanese industry along the lines of plans for ASEAN countries, particularly Thailand.
He stated this during at a meeting held for the improvement of the investment policy with JICA Advisor. It was attended by the acting Japanese Ambassador Jota Yamamota. BoI secretary said that Yamamoto had agreed to present Pakistan’s case to his government and reiterated that the proposed changes in tax, levies and tax collection should be taken up with concerned quarters to incorporate into the next budget of the country.
He assured that concerns expressed by the Japanese will be taken up at the appropriate level given that after the 18th Amendment, provinces are themselves in a position to take decisions with regards to some areas of development. It was noted that JICA has given BOI an opportunity to revamp the investment policy and enhance bilateral cooperation.