Park and Ride Plaza shop auction gets lukewarm response


LAHORE – The controversy-ridden Park and Ride Plaza suffered a huge financial setback when its auction of shops received a lukewarm response from the public
on Wednesday. An LDA official told Pakistan Today that the ongoing trial in the Lahore High Court against the construction of the plaza on a piece of land allocated to a park had thrown a spanner in the works of the plaza. He said out of 26 ground floor shops put on open auction, only 11 could be sold and the auction of the remaining 15 shops had to be cancelled.
He said the LDA hired a private company “Collier” to run its advertising campaign for the plaza. He said the LDA and also tried to clarify that there was not stay order against the Park and Ride Plaza and asked buyers not to panic at all, but to no avail. The said the LDA has rescheduled the auction of the remaining shops for a later date. The auction was to take place on March 31but it was delayed until April 6 in an attempt to generate public interest.