Islam: a code of life


Pakistan is an ideologically Islamic state. Other countries of the world keep their people united on the basis of language, colour and creed but in Pakistan people are bound by the ties of religion. The people of Pakistan live in different provinces, speak different languages, belong to different races but Islam is the only force that has brought them together and keeps them fully united.

This, however, does not mean that Pakistan is a theocratic or religious state in the narrow sense of the word. Islam is a complete system of life. It regulates political, economic as well as spiritual life. It pays equal importance to the welfare of body and soul.

Islam is against the concept of nationalism. It does not allow the formation of any social order based on narrow nationalistic interests. It aims at uniting the whole humanity. Its religious aspect is organically related to its practical and social aspect. In the economic life, Islam intends to create a society free from all types of exploitations. It lays great stress on the just distribution of wealth. Zakat is an attempt to reduce poverty and reduce the difference between the rich and the poor.

Islam guides us about the duties of the government, criminal law, war and peace, taxation, business and the ownership of land. It lays great stress on the rights of neighbours. Islam is a perfect religion and offers a solution to all our problems.