Carnage at a shrine-I


The menace of extremism will not be curbed unless its allies, poverty and ignorance, are defeated. Poor people go to shrines to make prayers to get rid of abject poverty and other problems in life. Two suicide blasts outside the Syed Ahmad shrine mark the sixth hit of terrorist organisations at such areas. This was another major attack and over one hundred people have been injured.

Let us not forget the police who claim to have prevented a third blast from occurring which might have increased the casualties. This terrorist act reminds Pakistan that no place is safe from terrorists and we must fight the war against terrorism with much more force and take revenge of innocent bloodshed. The role of local police has always been of much interest to the average citizen. Police provides a number of services apart from just handing out traffic challans. When you need to be fingerprinted for a job, you go to law enforcement. When you need someone to come to your house in the middle of the night to find out what that noise is in your garage, you contact the police.


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