1. I am reading about blackwater. what is this? everyone says blackwater black water what is this? i am citizen of the pakistan. not nice how these peoples r saying bad about country. fuck the black water. i send mail to them like this;
    Blackwater is nothing only something made by people i know everything my father brother is general in pak army zulfiqar ali shah. All this is just made up my usa & ISI dirty work doing people like mqm in karachi also ISI & black water peoples. Come to my house we sit & talk also all this is nothing, i am telling u. On jalbani street opposite south city hospital 2nd house on left my house brown wall clifton area karachi, near the bbq tonight. We sit eat bbq also i tell u what all this is. It is nothing. Just making us crazy in fights with each other. Go to hell with ISI & Blackwater. suck my cock u gora fuckers. eat shit & lick donkey cocks u lora fuckers i will fuck u ass so hard bleedings from ur ear. randi kai bachay maa kai khuson. my mothers brther is farooq. u know who farooq is? he is 50% partner of dawood ibrahim!! biggest don of underworld i will fuck u with farooq n zulfiqar. also i will put my hand in ur ass out of ur mouth Hahahahahaha

    this is all fact. my father brother is army general n my mother brother is partner of underworld don. now i see gora i will kill him like goat. many gora in sunday market buying pakistan made things also in 5 star usa money hotel like marriott. i kill them also. i share with u as u r also army. my father brother is also army. i am not afraid of any one. i am pakistani. killer of gora peoples!! i also supply the jacket to the peoples who kill goras. now also i will start myself. wish me the luck. Allah hu akbar!!

    imran marfani.

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