No check on fake currency circulation in Kasur


KASUR – There is no visible letup in the complaints of the public regarding counterfeit currency notes in Kasur district. Even the authorities concerned, especially police and other law-enforcing agencies, seem helpless to curb the menace.
When incidents regarding the circulation of fake currency notes appear in the media, the people are advised to get machines to check currency notes before receiving them. But the trouble is that buying such machines is not possible for every person. Shopkeepers can install such machines, but it is not feasible for a businessman who moves from one place to another in connection with his business activities.
Earlier, when Pakistan Today published a report on fake currency-notes in the district, a pause in the circulation was noticed. But it proved to be very short as the people belonging to different trade activities again started complaining of such currency-notes and the salesmen of different outlets fell victim to the forgery of such dealers.
The victims of fake currency-notes are of the view that they cannot complain to the authorities concerned because they fear that the authorities will ask them to identify the culprit. They add that it is very difficult for them to pinpoint anybody in connection with the fake currency’s circulation.
“At least 10 fake notes of Rs 1,000 denomination have been given to me during the last three months and my company has not helped me in this regard,” Naveed Ahmed, a sales officer of a multinational oil company, said.
Shahbaz Ahmed, a Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) member, said the law-enforcing agencies could not express their inability to control the circulation of fake currency-notes.
He opined the personnel of the law-enforcing agencies would find time to curb the crimes prevalent in the society if the rulers stopped interfering in their working. Shahbaz said it was not only the duty of the police or other departments to control crime, but politicians, teachers, religious figures, lawyers and civil society members should play their role in reforming the society and raise their voices against every evil.
Hafiz Ahmed, a businessman, said circulation of fake currency notes could be checked only with a quick action from the agencies concerned. He said a strict crackdown against those involved in this illegal activity was the need of the time. He urged the higher authorities to take a joint action against the elements involved in this heinous crime.


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