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Afghan policeman kills two foreign soldiers

MAZAR-I-SHARIF – An Afghan border policeman shot dead two foreign soldiers on a training mission in north Afghanistan on Monday, a senior official said, the latest in a series of apparent “rogue” attacks by Afghan security forces on their mentors.
Abdul Sattar Bariz, deputy governor of northern Faryab province, said two American soldiers were killed at a checkpoint by a member of the Afghan Border Police.
“He killed the two trainers while they were teaching them, in Faryab city,” said Bariz.
A spate of “rogue” shootings by Afghan soldiers and police has underlined the pressure on U.S. and NATO troops as they try to train Afghan forces rapidly for a handover of security responsibilities that begins this year.
The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said it was investigating the deaths of two soldiers who were killed inside a base by an attacker who appeared to be from the Afghan police force.
“According to initial reporting, an individual in an Afghan Border Police uniform fired on the ISAF members inside a compound. The individual who fired the shots fled the scene,” an ISAF statement said.
The uniform does not prove conclusively the attacker was a policeman because Afghan security force outfits are readily available in markets across the country — although their sale is technically illegal — and insurgents have sometimes worn them during attacks.
Afghan authorities began tighter vetting of recruits after a renegade soldier killed five British troops in 2009, but there have still been several deaths over the past year.
General Habib Sayedkhil, a senior border police official in the northern region, said shots were fired from a house near the base.
One police guard ran away after the attack but there were no bullet casings found at his position, Sayedkhil said, adding that suggested he ran from fear rather than guilt.
“After the shooting the soldier jumped down and ran away to save his life,” he said. “There was no evidence that he killed the Americans.”

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