Hindus demand right to register their marriages


Islamabad – Families of Scheduled Cast Hindus hailing from different areas of the country on Thursday said that despite the Supreme Court ruling of 23rdNovember 2010 to ensure the marriage registration right for Hindus, no measures had been taken so far in this regard.
While addressing a press conference here at National Press Club, chairman of Scheduled Cast Rights Movement of Pakistan (SCRM) Ramaish Jae Pal regretted the government’s failure to end ‘injustice’ against poor Hindu women. He informed that due to violation of the right of marriage registration, Hindu Women were also being discriminated in right to have National Identity Card (NIC) that tantamount to denying basic rights of citizenship.
Speaking on the occasion Shami Mai said that Hindu woman could not register complaint against her husband in case of separation or domestic violence, because of non presence of marriage registration to establish that the perpetrator was her husband. Other women said that other minorities like Christians living in Pakistan had their respective bylaws and procedures to register their marriages, but 4.5 million Pakistani Hindus, the biggest minority in Pakistan with reference to population, had been deprived of their basic right of marriage registration, they added.
They warned the government that if their demands would not be met within two months, the Hindu women would stage sit-in in front of parliament house.