LG to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14 million tonnes


LAHORE – LG Electronics (LG), recently, announced that it is on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 14 million tonnes this year, up from its previous record of 12.9 million tons last year. This revised forecast is part of LG’s aim to achieve its goal of 200 million tonnes of cumulative reductions from 2009 through 2020. As part of its “Green 2020” master plan for green growth and sustainable management, LG has been reducing greenhouse gases through improved manufacturing processes, better logistics and energy-efficient products that bring significant reductions in carbon dioxide.


  1. Well, I appreciate LG Company such enormous movement! I've seen LG produced most of the products are very energy efficient and better for energy saving as well. Therefore by using LG products vastly significant carbon dioxide reduction can be possible. Thanks.

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