Citizens fire in excitement and in agony


LAHORE – Aerial firing remained a trademark of the provincial capital during live screening of the mega semi-final of Cricket World Cup 2011 between Pakistan and India in Mohali. Citizens not only fired in excitement in successful moments but also in agony after the Pakistan’s cricket team lost the match.
The craze touched its extreme on Wednesday, as the match started in Mohali and Lahoris gathered around their television screens. Many carried various weapons with them, especially during the Indian batting, Lahoris opened aerial fire as each Indian wicket fell or a Pakistani batsman scored a boundary.
Aerial firing was witnessed in Iqbal Town, Johar Town, Gulberg, Defense, the Walled City, Hall Road, The Mall, Shadbagh, Beadon Road, Misri Shah, Mughalpura, Harbanspura, Lorry Adda, Badami Bagh, Ravi Road and Shahdara. Post match aerial firing reports were received from Iqbal Town and Shadbagh.
People rushed to their rooftops to open fire during moments of success and then hid themselves before the police could catch them. A young boy, who was firing near Regal Chowk on The Mall said that they were waiting for the clash anxiously and had planned to fire when a wicket falls. Another man said that they were so emotional that they could not stop themselves from aerial firing.
Lahore Police sources said that no one was arrested and many such calls were not even responded to. According to Rescue 1122 Public Relations Officer Farooq no bullet injuries was reported. Lahore Police high-ups were not available for comment.