Pakistan unable to make inroads in Tunisian market


KARACHI – Despite duty free access to European Union (EU) and American countries, the Tunisian market is being neglected by Pakistani exporters for, what sources said, negligence on part of the government authorities.
The Tunisian government, through its embassy in the country, has tried to approach the concerned authorities in Islamabad for boosting bilateral trade, however, Pakistan has stayed apathetic, giving no response to, what could potentially be, a lucrative market for textile products.
Pakistani textile items, fabric could reach the European market through the foreign country as Tunisia enjoys free market access to the world’s potential markets, sources said. Sources in the Pakistani embassy in Tunisia stated that Pakistan has showed no interest despite various letters and reminders, sent to the concerned authorities in Pakistan.
A delegation, led by Tunisian Ambassador in Pakistan, would visit the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and other trade bodies/association shortly, sources claimed. Sources further said that Tunisia is a good market for rice, textiles, denim, spices, dairy products, marble etc, while Pakistani businessmen should explore the foreign market for textile weaving, spinning and processing plus marble (Onyx).
Tunisia has Free Trade Access (FTA) of the European Union (EU) and the facility would, therefore, be another dimension of extensive trade-link with the country for Pakistani textile exporters. Tunisia, an extensive olive oil exporter, can also have indirect access to the Chinese market using Sino-Pak FTA, sources claimed.
Through the same indirect trade, the foreign country can not only enter the Chinese market, but can make inroads in ASEAN countries, as they have FTA to Beijing, they added.